Moving Children

Moving Children

Children can be moved between schools using the desktop application. Use the following step by step guide:

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    • Moving children to a different school

      If a child moves school, rather than entering a new record in the new school you can move the existing record using the desktop application. It is really quick and easy and will reduce the number of duplicate records in the system. Click on the link ...
    • Can I move a child between schools?

      Yes, you can move a child between schools using the desktop application. Use the following guide to take you step by step through the process: Moving a child between schools
    • Can I add a new child manually?

      Yes you can.  If there is a new child in school or a child's information is missing you can add his/her details manually using the desktop application or the web application. Use the guides below and follow the step by step instructions:  Adding a ...
    • Adding a single child and editing existing children

      The desktop application and the web application allows you to add children manually into a school and edit existing details. The process is similar in both applications. The only difference is that in the desktop application you must remember to ...
    • Editing a child's details

      You can edit a child's details using the desktop and web application. Use the following guides to help you: Editing a child's details on the desktop application Editing a child's details on the web application